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Performance Tuning in Hemel Hempstead

If you’re a road user in Hemel Hempstead or Hertfordshire and haven’t invested in performance tuning, which is one of our more specialist garage services, your Engine Control Unit (ECU) will be operating to default factory settings.

These settings stifle your vehicle’s performance because manufacturers have to ensure that the cars they are shipping to international markets across the world meet a range of legal standards and will operate in different climates with different standards of fuel.

Carspek engineers use performance tuning to remap your ECU and significantly increase torque and power while improving fuel efficiency. These high-end garage services in Hemel Hempstead optimise your engine by overwriting the limitations imposed by your manufacturer. In the long run, limitations see you paying more for fuel than you need to.

Why Invest in Performance Tuning?

We provide motorists in Hemel Hempstead with a more responsive driving and handling experience by overwriting ECU default settings with a more performance-minded set of standards, which we have personally developed and are constantly refining.

The miles per gallon you can squeeze out of your engine will subsequently increase and, as a result, you’ll also lower your carbon footprint. Hemel Hempstead clients who have opted for these garage services in the past report an increase in engine performance of up to 35% and a fuel efficiency increase of up to 15%.

These impressive numbers prove that investing in performance tuning can really pay off.

For peace of mind, your engine can be restored to factory default settings in the weeks or months following a performance tuning service. Just as importantly, performance tuning won’t invalidate your manufacturer warranty so there really is nothing to lose!


For performance tuning in Hemel Hempstead and a full choice of popular garage services, call Carspek now on
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